Ways to Donate:

Directly to LMU – HERE –

Friends of LMU Ice Hockey – HERE – 

As a club team, the players are responsible for most of the Team’s Expenses, including trips to places like Washington, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. Every player pays a fee to be on the team, but it still does not cover all the expenses. In 2005 LMU Ice Hockey was re-established with a victory over USC 2-0. We all want to make LMU Ice Hockey a force in the college hockey world. LMU is currently having our best season to date, and are the 8th ranked team in the ACHA West. Help us continue to reach for our goal.

All the money donated will be used to pay for trips, recruiting and our game schedule. With a single practice costing $350 or more, the team needs every dollar to grow and establish itself as a top team in the ACHA ranks. Also, all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Please help our team achieve the level we all want LMU Ice Hockey to reach!!


Tyler Goeckner-Zoeller

LMU Ice Hockey – General Manager