WCHC Playoffs Up Next

The Lions held onto first place in the conference all the way until the final game of the WCHC schedule.  At 12-2, the Lions sat in first with 24 points, but when LBSU beat CSUN in regulation in the final conference game of the season, the Lions got jumped by two teams.  LBSU finished at 12-1-1, 25 points, and CSUN finished at 12-2, 24 points.  The Lions lost the tiebreaker to CSUN as CSUN swept the Lions earlier this season.

The Lions will play in a semi-final game on Saturday 2/9 at 10PM as they take on CSUN.  If the Lions win their semi-final game, they’d play in the championship game on Sunday, at 5:15 PM.

All games are being hosted by CSUF, at East West Ice Palace in Artesia.